About Us

Barton Milne Associates was founded by people with in-depth experience of operational business – people who had themselves built companies, sourced teams, formulated strategy, set and met stretching plans, managed costs, invested in growth, and coped with challenges. This experience profoundly influences how we approach executive search.  We have been there, and we know what clients want - not just people, but solutions; not just individuals, but great team players; not just heads, but leaders. 

Understanding a client’s culture, strategy and structure is of paramount importance, and we invest real effort in making sure we have fully grasped it before we launch a search.

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In addition to our own business network, we are part of The Barchester Group. Combining both networks ensures we are super connected to potential candidates around the world.

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At Barton Milne we give a personal service which is thorough, creative and extremely knowledgeable. From the get go, your brief will be handled by someone with more than 10 years' business experience.

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If you are satisfied with the usual headhunting model of a partner securing the brief then handing the real work over to a junior researcher, we are probably not the right group for you. But if you want a team to focus on your needs from the start and understand your business - we can help.