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Born into the wrong generation

It is not often that I feel that I should have been born at a different time but at a recent event I really did feel I shoul...


Making the transition to teen-dom

As well as my work in talent management, I am a coach for Parent Gym , the charity which gives parenting advice to families in lower income areas around the country.  Working with the fantastic mums I have done and doing my day job made me realise once again just how similar bringing up children and “bringing up” a new business are. They both require very similar skills and temperament. At a Leap 100 event recently the focus was on the issues founders have of allowing their businesses to scale up by potentially taking a bit mor...


So what’s going on with edtech in the UK then?

The recent Bett Show gave me a perfect opportunity to take stock of what the burgeoning edtech space is focusing on in the U...