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We keep overheads to a minimum – no fancy offices or large staff base. We bring in the right senior consultants as and when we need them to keep costs low.

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We are creative in our approach – looking at the skill-sets needed rather than restricting our search to industry silos. We seek a real dialogue with our clients, and may challenge your preconceptions of what you think a candidate might look like for certain roles.

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We are hugely well connected among the people we know make a difference to organisations. The most able executives are not necessarily looking to move, but if we feel someone is right then we will engage with them to ensure we secure the right candidates for the role and the organisation.

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Due Diligence

We pride ourselves on extensive due diligence – a vital area often overlooked or skimped on by many executive search firms. We employ a range of techniques to ensure the candidates we propose are right for your organisation.

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If you want a big institution dealing with your talent needs then we are not for you. We won’t just hand over a brief to a junior researcher to work on before you see us again - a senior member who understands your needs, usually from direct experience of you sector, will take on the brief from start to finish.